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Whether you’re buying or selling a home, the time between executing the contract to closing on your property can be a major headache for everyone.

The time it takes to close escrow on a house is usually six to ten weeks. During this time frame, so much is going on. While waiting on the final approval to close, you’re also waiting on the title company, appraiser, and the inspector; that’s why it’s essential to have a team of professionals working collectively together on your behalf.


When selecting a team of professionals do your research. When hiring a realtor, ask your friends, neighbors, work colleagues, and read the realtor’s reviews. It is also absolutely essential to find the best loan officer and title company to help seal the deal.


Unfortunately, there are numerous of reasons why the closing process can be delayed.

The Appraisal Can Cause Delays- If an appraisal comes in too low, the seller could be asked to reduce their selling price. Reducing the selling price of the home might take some negotiating. If the seller agrees, then both the seller and buyer must sign an addendum to the contract. However, if the seller refuses to lower the selling price of the home, the buyer will have to pay cash for the difference or cancel the contract.

Financing Can Cause Delays – It’s vital that the buyers work closely with their loan officer to make sure they have all the updated documents to complete the loan application and process the loan. Once the buyer’s loan goes to underwriting, the underwriter may request additional documentation. Not submitting the required documents in a timely fashion can delay the closing process. Other reasons related to financing that can cause delays are an increase in interest rates, the buyer loses their job or the buyer’s credit score does down.

Final Steps To Closing

A buyer will need to sign their CD at least three business days prior to closing day. Once the closing disclosures are signed, a copy is sent to the title company. The buyer will then receive an email with a copy of their settlement documents and the total amount of money that is needed to close. The buyer will need to wire the total amount of the closing cost to the title company prior to closing time.

On closing day be prepared to sign a lot of documents. Both the buyer and seller should bring with them their driver license and a second form of identification just in case. Happy Closing!

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