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Downsizing your home into a smaller one is an issue when the total square feet area of the two houses is considerably different. But the key to downsizing is adjusting things as per your requirement and de-cluttering those you don’t need any more. Although it seems pretty easy, it is not. Sometimes mistakenly, you might get rid of many things dear and costly.

Downsizing comes effectively with time and after thoughtful consideration because if you are not thinking before disposing of things, the results might be horrible.

So, get smarter by knowing these wise downsizing tips, which would come handy whether you are moving or simply trying to free up space in your current home.  

1) Start with the Big Stuff

When you know you are moving from a bigger home to a smaller one, there are no reasons that you can carry all your big stuff as it is. The floor plan of your new space matters a lot while fitting your furniture pieces such as beds, tables, chairs, and sofas.

You can do away with a large chest of drawers that would not fit in your new space and replace it with on-wall shelves to store utilities like clothing etc.

2) Keep Smaller Things by Your Side

To do away with the clutter in your home or while shifting to a smaller one, you are tempted to sell off small items first. Getting rid of general junk such as old newspapers, cardboard boxes, broken off toys that tend to accumulate at home is a good idea. But don’t get rid of things you use regularly as you would have to purchase them again.

Conscientiously separate the must keeps and may keep in to separate boxes and wait for the final move so that you could realize what you need to carry.

3) Keep Items with Sentimental Value Attached

Your sentiments are highly valued emotions. If you feel sentimental pangs about some of your stuff, make sure you don’t do away with them because you will miss them. Although they are no longer serving any practical purpose for you, they are special such as your baby’s cloth, maternity wears, children’s blankets, etc.

4) Check Every Box Thoroughly

While downsizing or rearranging your house, there might be multiple boxes containing stuff. If you are planning to discard some of these boxes make sure you go through each box before the final deal. Might be you have some important stuff such as old tech gear, wires, etc in them.

5) Follow the One Year Rule

According to the rule, if you haven’t used items in the last year, you are probably not likely to use it in the next year. You can do away with the stuff that you have not been using for the last year be it apparels, old shoes, toys, etc.

Question yourself what you really use and want now and in the future for honest decision.

6) Digitalize Things You Can

Keep a digitalized copy of your stuff/ belonging such as cassettes, videos, pictures, DVDs, and CDs. This will help you save a lot of space in your new home.

Final Words

As long as everything has space for itself it is ok. But in case, space fall short, curtail count of things is the rule for downsizing.

The storage space is limited in your small house. Change your attitude by clearing out items from your home that creates clutter. Everything organized well can do wonders in keeping your house, full and lively. De-cluttered spaces are great to look at and live in.

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