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Home is where the heart is! No doubts.

The heart gets attracted to different cooling and soothing color shades, whether it’s on the wall or in home furnishing. Color plays a very crucial role in our life that helps decide the car, a dress, veggies, or painting your dream home. Colors are an expression of thoughts and emotions.

People are extremely choosy while selecting the interior as well as an exterior paint color for their house because it preserves the look of your status.

House colors may make or break the space. Choosing perfect paint combination depends upon personal choices and space available.

Here are some of the best interior wall color combination that has been time-tested and also listed are some of the colors that you should always avoid while getting your home painted.

Pastel Shades Are In

Pink, baby blue, mauve are some of the pastel colors that not only gift visual space enlargement but also render distinct look to the interior of your home. Pastel colors blend well, so you can flaunt natural, neutral, and soothing shades in your home’s interior especially in the children’s room.

Lighter Shades of Grey and Purple

Grey and purple make a rare combination (lighter tones) which will make your home interior look highly sophisticated, dignified, and elegant. Use this combination in your living room and set the latest trend,

Turquoise and Pink

This is one of the most soothing color combinations. Pink is favorite of girls. Hence it makes a good choice for your daughter’s room or kitchen. If you are sashay you can go with warm colors like red as this stimulates appetite and add a dramatic look to the spiciest corner of your house.

Living with Lime

Lime color is the latest fad and you can color the living room with the same. It adds a lively and cheerful tone, symbolizing relaxation, and calm feeling.

Be Cool With Blue Wool Wall Color

Your bathroom certainly needs great lighting. To illuminate any darkest corner of your home, the blue color is ideal. It symbolizes the floating cloud in a sunny sky. Referred to as dream color, it brings brightness to space. Couple with white accents for more coolness.

Brown for Dining Room

According to the latest trends, the dining room color scheme should be inspiring security and prosperity in a home. These come from darker shades like timber log or Brown. Go and match your furniture with wall decor an urbane look.

Home Office with Whispering White

White is always good for small office space if you are currently having it at home. This shade makes space more lightened up, accommodating, and airy.

Take the Best Shot with Lake Stone Shades

If you are from the gamer genre, style the gaming room with a color scheme that inspired the sportsman spirit, and serenity. The environment with lake stone wall paint makes the play experience lot comfortable and satisfying.

Home Paints to Avoid Always:

Your house is your personal property and you may decorate it the way you want? But you always wish to keep it clean. So, avoid using these shades on your walls:-

  1. Earthy tones

It is very necessary to avoid paints like brown, tan, or yellow as their renders dirtier and messy look to the room.

2. Indifferent with neutrals

Beige is most popular neutral but it should not have the dingy brown or yellow undertone to make it look cringe.

3. Avoid using greenish or dusty pink undertones as they attract dirt (looks dirty than real).

Bottom Line

If you are preparing your home for the market, use lighter colors which would make the house look larger, clean, and airy. Do not go by instinct while getting your home painted. Take expert advice always.

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